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Senna pods are the seed pods of the plant of senna. Herbalists and natural doctors recommend- senna pod supplements to treat mild cases of constipation. You should, however, take-precautions when you use any laxative to treat constipation, including senna pods. Speak-with a medical professional prior to consuming any laxative, such as senna pods, even though-they are available over-the-counter. Gentle Laxative Effects The senna plant contains a strong laxative called-anthraquinones. The fruit and pod of the senna plant have a lower concentration of-anthraquinones than the plant’s leaves. 

The sennas are typically shrubs or subshrubs of the family fabacease. Senna is a small shrub around 2 feet high. it’s a pale, green stem and little yellow flowers. The leaves are paired and therefore the pods oblong. Prime no 05 is quality of senna leaves, which is very popular for the manufacturers of senna extract.

Senna Leaves is used as a laxative due to the presence of sennosides. A sweetened infusion of senna leaves may be a valuable laxative for youngsters and therefore the liquid extract or the corresponding elixir could also be utilized in place of the preparations of the leaves. These preparations are considered by many practitioners to be more certain in their actions and to cause less griping.

Senna Leaves
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We are offering SENNA LEAVES POWDER, which are used as a laxative, either to relieve constipation or in some cases, to help with weight loss. SENNA LEAVES have stimulant and irritating laxative properties, as well as cooling and anti-bacterial properties. Our offered SENNA LEAVES POWDER also works as an effective vermifuge to destroy parasites and expel worms from the intestinal tract. Apart from this, it is also an ingredient in some conventional over-the-counter laxatives. This often used to clear the bowel before diagnostic tests such as colonoscopies.

Senna Leaves

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Senna leaves

Senna Leaves T Cut widely used in Herbal/Slimming tea manufacturing. This Senna leaves T cut to have a wide demand in the global marketplace. Our team holds expertise in cultivating and processing these leaves according to the required demands. We offer them to our clients at reasonable prices and in durable paper bag packaging. Jainika Export Import Pvt Ltd is one of the best quality manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of senna leaves T Cut & Senna T Cut from India. We provide high-quality Senna T Cut with 100% organic farming which makes us a renowned exporter and supplier of Senna Leaves T cut across the world.

Senna Leaves

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Senna is an FDA-approved non-prescription laxative. It is used to treat constipation and also to clear the bowel before diagnostic tests such as colonoscopy. Senna is also used for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), haemorrhoids, and weight loss. Senna fruit seems to be gentler than senna leaf. Senna pods is basically a dried almost ripe fruits of Alexandrian senna pods (Cassia angustifolia) and Cassia angustifolia (Indian senna pods), belonging to family Leguminosae. A senna pod is a dried fruit of a senna plant, which is mainly harvest in north-west India. Senna pods are used as a purgative and laxative. Senna pods, a herbal laxative, are used as a treatment for various disease. Dried senna pods can be brewed into a tea and used as a purgative and laxative basically.

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